Children Make Their Compassion Known

In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, the innovative fund-raiser, Team Kids LemonAID Restore America, is mobilizing boys and girls across the country to raise support for American Red Cross disaster relief operations. With homemade lemonade stands and an unbridled enthusiasm to help those in need, the children have an opportunity to exercise generosity through their own entrepreneurial endeavors.  From now until December 31, 2012, 100 percent of the proceeds from this youth-driven effort will be donated to the American Red Cross for relief efforts.

“Through Team Kids LemonAID, we allow children to become a part of the solution,” said Julie Hudash, Founder and CEO of Team Kids headquartered in Irvine, Calif. “We provide the tools for a child to experience the joy of philanthropy and demonstrate their sincere passion to help others.”

Following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Team Kids launched LemonAID with the help from the Orange County Fire Authority, Irvine Police Department and Irvine Unified School District. Inspired and challenged to help the victims of Katrina, 1,200 children in Irvine hosted 224 independent lemonade stands, which together raised almost $12,000 in two days. Since then, children with their tiny lemonade stands have raised more than $90,000 in support for American Red Cross relief operations helping the victims of California wildfires and earthquakes in both Haiti and Japan.

“I enjoy motivating children to make a difference as contributing members of the community,” said Jamie “Doc” Havig, Program Director of Team Kids and former Special Ops Marine Corps Medic. “When taking ownership of their own lemonade stand, they experience the personal fulfillment that comes from helping people during a major disaster.”


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